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My Firefox Setup

Hey there kiddos,

I've been thinking lately that I should talk about my firefox setup, so I guess I'll put that right here.


A Very nice lightweight theme. Looks great on every OS except OS X. On OS X I just use the default.


Probably the greatest tool a web developer can have. It allows you to inspect JavaScript, CSS, headers, HTML, and much more on the fly. Also if you install fireCookie, you can inspect those easily too.

This isn't as useful as FireBug, but I've had it around for so long, I still use it. One of the nice features lets you outline all block elements on a page, which is useful for seeing how strange css elements are interacting.

This gives you a few different options for taking pictures of web pages.

Makes downloading things so much less intrusive than the normal download tool, especially if you enable the mini-mode, which I highly recommend.

Like xmarks, which I used for years and still highly recommend, but syncs everything including your awesome bar, and lets you store it on a server of your own.

Blocks ads incredibly well.

I still use delicious a lot, and this lets me save things to it easily. I always just turn on classic mode, because all of their new features are pretty annoying.

Anyway, that's about it. I still really love Firefox, especially since 3.6 has made it so much faster. I'm running the 3.7 nightlies on my laptop, which I am enjoying as well. I have yet to figure out if I like firefox because of the way I have customized it or not, but it definitly wins points in my book for being so easy to customize.